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Paczki update

Unfortunately, we’re not sure we’ll have paczki for Mardi Gras this year.  We originally intended to have them out this week and through Mardi Gras, but a project to upgrade our fryer hood in West Seattle turned into a longer one than expected.  The contractors on the project are working as quickly as they can, but at this point, we can’t say for sure what our roll-out date will be. 

Also, there’s no frying at our Capitol Hill location as there is no fryer exhaust hood and no fryer-specific fire suppression system.  There was really no space to even consider it in the build out. 

Believe me, the staff is as unhappy about it as a some of you might be!  A number of us were looking forward to warm paczki straight off the fryer this season. 

The silver lining to all this is that when the upgrade is finished, we’ll be considering doing other fritters - I’ve even heard the word ‘beignet’ whispered (I’m not promising, as I’ve only heard it whispered- and this blogger still wants an in-house apple fritter…)

We’ll be posting to Facebook and Twitter as soon as we know when we’ll be able to start frying, and if it will be in time for Mardi Gras (fingers crossed, but it’s not likely since it’s next Tuesday). In the meanwhile- we truly apologize we’re not on schedule for them this year- we want our paczki, too.