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Friday notes

For those of you who haven’t seen them, our confections are back in production again!  The change over in the weather finally gave us enough temperature control to not worry about any heat spikes causing any problems.  Right now we’ve got our standards out, such as our coconut, salt caramel, and 70% dark chocolate ganache.  Be on the look out for new varieties as well as updates to current ones.  For example, the coconut now has some toasted coconut flake mixed in, which rounds out the sweetness nicely.

Also out this week, shepherd’s pie!  Towner put together a really nice individual lunch pastry, filling them with ground beef cooked in a rich beef broth, with carrots, peas and onions, and topped with a cap of potatoes mashed with a bit of smoked mozzarella cheese.  These are seriously tasty pies, and really hit the spot since the weather has turned.  We’ll be seeing more savory items coming out as the season progresses.

Speaking of the weather change- please note that from Mashiko’s on past us, the awnings are being taken down so that we can get the building fronts cleaned up, and new awnings installed.  They were starting to look pretty worn, and were in need of a refresh, and the new awnings should look pretty sharp.  In the meantime, be aware that the south sidewalk is a little more exposed than usual for the next few days.

So, just some short notes to carry you into the weekend.  Have a great Friday evening everyone!