Bakery Nouveau

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Cakes and textures

So this past weekend saw another wedding cake, and provided a bit of agility training for Chef.  Namely, how to get a cake into the Palace Ballroom. 

Since they were open, Chef and Audrey couldn’t go through the dining room (understandably).  However, the receiving door is part of the loading dock, and well, the bakery is short by the order of one truck with a loading gate, and Chef’s Subaru isn’t that tall.  Stairs were, well, not an option, but apparently with the door open, and a little help, Chef and Audrey were able to make it inside the door.

Once there, the cake was quickly finished. 

The rings are of milk chocolate, and the topper was fondant. 

So, the delivery was successful, but apparently baking deliveries might now require some skill with tactical pull-ups as well.  The cross-training never ends….it just gets more interesting.* 

On a completely different track, Chef is playing with blending some different textures for pastry production.  Now, the following isn’t quite breakfast food, but isn’t quite dessert.  Probably a great treat for a mid-morning brunch and coffee, on a lazy day. 

This is a texture based dish all around.  The core is our butter cake, and it’s surrounded by a layer of croissant dough, and topped with a cream-cheese pastry cream with blackberry jam and a crunchy streusel. 

This is somewhat experimental, and the finished product will be slightly different.  We know from the bake that a danish dough would work better than croissant (the thin bottom later ended up a little tougher than Chef wants).  All together though, this is an interesting, and tasty, piece.  There are a couple of other textural/flavor based experiments going on, and as they get to a presentation point, we’ll get photos up. 

Here’s hoping everyone had a great day.  The sun is out and the weather just about perfect for Fall- a great way to start the week!

*Note- I’m having a little fun at the expense of the Palace Ball Room.  It’s actually not uncommon to have a loading space like this and walk through restrictions, but we normally don’t get a fun photo out of it, and well, the doors are usually a bit closer to the ground.  However, we’ve high-stepped quite a few loading docks (or handed product up), and carted cakes through any number of kitchen back-entrances, service elevators and tight production spaces (seriously- some of you savory folks work in tight spaces, wow).  It’s all part of the adventure.