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We have a fryer!

It took longer than we expected, but our new exhaust hood and fire-safety system is in place at the West Seattle shop!  This means that we can start using our fryer again.   

We had a short test run of paczki today (with apologies to those who wanted them for Fat Tuesday and are now following Lenten fasts).  Currently, we’ll have paczki or another filled doughnut every Tuesday, and a rotating variety of fritter on Fridays.  Due to time and space constraints, we won’t be able to take orders except on the specific production days. 

This is one of our few instances of one store having a product that the other won’t.  We can’t have a fryer on Capitol Hill, and at this time, we won’t be transporting product from one shop to the other. 

Enjoy the sunshine out there folks, and remember - fritters debut on Friday!

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Paczki update

Unfortunately, we’re not sure we’ll have paczki for Mardi Gras this year.  We originally intended to have them out this week and through Mardi Gras, but a project to upgrade our fryer hood in West Seattle turned into a longer one than expected.  The contractors on the project are working as quickly as they can, but at this point, we can’t say for sure what our roll-out date will be. 

Also, there’s no frying at our Capitol Hill location as there is no fryer exhaust hood and no fryer-specific fire suppression system.  There was really no space to even consider it in the build out. 

Believe me, the staff is as unhappy about it as a some of you might be!  A number of us were looking forward to warm paczki straight off the fryer this season. 

The silver lining to all this is that when the upgrade is finished, we’ll be considering doing other fritters - I’ve even heard the word ‘beignet’ whispered (I’m not promising, as I’ve only heard it whispered- and this blogger still wants an in-house apple fritter…)

We’ll be posting to Facebook and Twitter as soon as we know when we’ll be able to start frying, and if it will be in time for Mardi Gras (fingers crossed, but it’s not likely since it’s next Tuesday). In the meanwhile- we truly apologize we’re not on schedule for them this year- we want our paczki, too. 

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We’re 7!

Yesterday, Bakery Nouveau turned 7 years old!   We’d just like to say thank you to all of our customers, past and present, since without you, we’d not be here.  We’d also like to thank West Seattle- this is a great place to be, and the community is just incredibly supportive of it’s local businesses. 

While our Capitol Hill location has only been open a few months, we can definitely say the same- it’s a great, supportive community, and we’re really happy to be there. 

Here’s looking forward to another great year!

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Our holiday cakes are out now!  Tuesday is as good a day as any for some cake, whether it be photos of, or a slice or two to take home.  So, just what are we looking at today?

First there is the Mrs. Claus- layers of lime chiffon and strawberry coulis on a crunchy almond base, topped with vanilla bavarois and another layer of strawberry coulis (think of coulis as a super thick jam- we texture ours by spreading it onto molds and popping it in the freezer to set).

Next is Santa’s S’more- This is a triple layer mousse cake sitting on a graham crunch.  Each mousse is made from chocolate- a layer each for white, milk, and rich dark chocolate.  It’s finished with a caramel glaze, dabs of marshmallow and sides of house made graham crackers. 

Finally, we have the return of our take on a Bûche de Noël- a log made of sponge cake which is brushed with a coffee simple syrup, layered with dark chocolate mousse and coffee crème Madame, and then rolled around a center of cassis mousse.  This is finished with a coffee butter cream, chocolate ‘bark’ and chocolate mushrooms. 

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone! 

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Now is as good of time as any to dust off the bakery blog- we’ve had a really busy few months, what with opening the new location up on Capitol Hill, and all the shuffling around that entails.  A couple of catch up posts are on the way, along with the return of new product details, photos, and occasional deep discussion about food and food related issues.

Today’s post is about Thanksgiving though- both the holiday, and a little thanksgiving of our own.

To start with- Thank you to all of our customers, old-friends and new, who voted for us in King 5 Best of Western Washington.  We arrived in 1st Place for Best Bakery, and 3rd for Best Dessert!  Pulling top 5 in one category is amazing.  In two though?  That just rocks.  Especially considering how many great bakeries and patisseries there are in the greater Seattle area, let alone western Washington.   

Following that, we found out that we were in the top 50 of bakeries across the nation as selected by the website, The Daily Meal.  Local favorites Macrina, Grand Central and Café Besalu also made the list!

So again, thank you, everyone, who has been a customer over the years.

For those of you sharing a meal with family and friends next week, we will be open regular hours at both shops on Wednesday, the 27th, and closed on Thanksgiving day itself.  We are definitely taking orders now at both shops, for pickup on Wednesday, and we’ll continue taking orders until the end of day on Saturday, the 23rd. 

What are we offering this year?  Once again, in addition to our full assortment of bread, pastry and dessert, we’ll have our brioche rolls and holiday rolls, our pumpkin, pecan, and chocolate pecan pies, as well as pumpkin cheese cake. While we’ll be fully stocked up on Wednesday, we do recommend placing an order if there is something you really want. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Phone issues

We’re having some technical difficulties with our phones.  Our voice mail is currently not working properly, so we may or may not be able to check messages left in the next day or two (and you might not be able to leave any). Hopefully this will be resolved by Friday. In the mean time, if you need to call, please do so during business hours, or please use the contact email box on our website, and we’ll get back to you as promptly as we can. 

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Happy Good Friday and Easter!

It’s Friday, it’s sunny and spring-time-warm, and if you aren’t playing hooky yet, you should do so, even if it’s just 10 minutes worth of running away from the office to get some sun (we do understand work needing to be done in spite of fantastic weather). 

If you have a little longer, we do have some tables outside, hot cross buns to share with a friend (or even someone you just met in line or share a table with), and of course, lots of good food to take home and sit on a porch or deck and enjoy this wonderful spring weather on Good Friday.

We will be open all weekend, although for Easter Sunday we will close at 5 pm, instead of our normal 7 pm. 

Have a great weekend everyone- enjoy the spring weather, and if you celebrate it, have a wonderful Easter with your family and friends.

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A couple of quick photos to end your Friday with- our new Spring Cake comes out this weekend- our vanilla butter cake with a bit of citrus sunshine in the form of our tart lemon cremeux, and finished with our smooth, rich butter cream. 

Also, Easter is on it’s way!  We are now taking advanced orders for chocolate bunnies, brioche rolls and hot cross buns, as well as our full range of bread, pastry and desserts.  We’ll again have hollow chocolate eggs, in a range of fun decorations, from simply blue, to decorated with chocolate shapes, to spring chickens - small eggs have 5 pieces of chocolate inside, large eggs have 10. 

Once again we’re partnering with local glass artist, Melissa Misoda, creating glass “Easter Baskets”.  Each one comes filled with our candy and some solid chocolate pieces, and makes a sophisticated gift- and supports local art. 

Have a great end to your Friday, and a wonderful weekend!

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What you are seeing is the space as of a bit over a week ago.  The top photo is the main production area, which will have two walk-ins, some dry storage, a deck oven, a rotating rack convection oven, chocolate stations, dessert stations, and savory.  It looks like a big, empty space, but with all the above, we’ll have it pretty filled up.

The second photo is the view ‘behind the counter’.  The lines on the floor mark the cabinet edge, the walkable floor, and the case work sides.  The view would be if you walked into the cafe space from the production space, so looking from the window side down the line.  At the far end will be the espresso station, which we’re kitting out with a Slayer, 2-group machine.  They are truly beautiful machines (if you have my sense of aesthetics), and more importantly, help baristas in turning out great shots of espresso consistently.

The third photo is taken from the customer side, inside the door and to the right a bit.  Where the column is, the counters will turn a bit forward and then back across for the registers. The back wall will be shelving and display cases to maximize the space available (considering we often need more space than our current wall shelves provide).

The last photo is from late this week- the drywall is up!  This is the back wall and the slight wrap-around for the espresso station.  Behind that you see the door space for the office, and the bathroom.

So, considering the posting of photos, let’s talk timelines.  Given the ins and outs of permits and clearing inspections, etc, we don’t have hard date yet.  However, we’re looking at late March through mid-April for a probable range of dates for opening.  Please note the ‘probable’.  We’ll definitely be keeping you posted as we get closer and dates firm up.

Have a great weekend everyone!